Network planning

Whether you are planning a single radio link or a nationwide network, designing a 4G/LTE network, or a university/corporate campus solution, our engineers will research, assemble and validate all the components for a comprehensive engineering plan that will meet or exceed your system­level expectations.

And if you are planning a broad migration from TDM to packet – Ethernet or IP/MPLS ­ we have the networking expertise to guide you every step of the way in the complex task of transforming your legacy circuit-switched equipment to new packet-based transport technologies. In most cases, this will involve a multi-vendor strategy to deliver. Aviat has a long track record of success working across diverse network solutions.

Our in­house engineering professionals have extensive field deployment experience, backed by solid engineering training and certification. Their local and regional expertise forms the foundation of our single­minded focus on reducing system downtime and unnecessary costs during the deployment phase of your project, resulting in faster time­to­revenue as well as longer MeanTime Between Failure (MTBF) across your solution.


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