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MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect


  • Allows you to share voice and data applications such as text messaging or GPS-location tracking across an unlimited geographical area
  • Expands coverage for conventional users by allowing you to network multiple repeaters at a single site or dispersed locations
  • Gives system administrators the ability to monitor and control repeaters within your analog or digital system
  • Keys up all radios on a wide area channel, allowing users to monitor communications from remote locations in their network
  • Enables users to seamlessly roam between sites of a wide area system without having to physically change channels
  • Utilize new MOTOTRBO radios, repeaters and data applications—or existing MOTOTRBO equipment via software upgrade
  • Improves overall business communications and visibility by allowing you to track or send a message to any device in a wide area from a single server




  • Seamlessly network up to 15 repeaters and 100 people
  • Network multiple repeaters at a single site or dispersed locations
  • Roam without interruption, from site to site, without changing channels
  • Share voice and data anywhere, from text messaging to GPS tracking
  • Create a wide area network by linking multiple repeaters together
  • Communicate between geographically dispersed locations
  • Eliminate the impact of physical barriers: buildings, mountains and more

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