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MOTOTRBO Connect Plus

When your business is growing beyond a small enterprise; when you’re coordinating operations over several different sites; when your existing communications system is getting congested, that’s when you need to move to a digital trunked two-way radio solution. And that’s where Connect Plus can help. MOTOTRBO Connect Plus is a digital trunked two-way radio solution based on the DMR standard. It gives you all the benefits of digital technology – better audio, better coverage, better capacity and better battery life – with the scale and efficiency of trunking. 




Connect Plus integrates advanced user features such as GPS location-reporting*, text messaging* and mandown alerting. There are also advanced system features such as user authentication, enhanced privacy and over-the-air radio programming. So now even the most demanding businesses can be empowered with widearea communications.




If your business is currently using a legacy trunked radio system, Connect Plus offers many options for a seamless migration. The spectrum mask for Connect Plus and MPT1327 is the same, and multiple systems can be bridged using the MOTOBRIDGE IP interoperability solution.


  • Dedicated Control Channel
  • Up To 70 Sites
  • Up To 15 Repeaters/Site
  • Up To 420 Repeaters/ System
  • Up To 3000** Users/Site
  • Automatic Roaming
  • Private Call
  • Group Call
  • Multi-Group Call
  • Site All Call
  •  Network All Call
  • Text Messaging
  • GPS Location-Reporting
  • Inbound/Outbound Telephone Calls
  • Secure Authentication
  • Resilient Architecture
  • Dispatch Console (Optional)


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