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The small, flexible and yet extremely powerful MTS1 offers network operators a comprehensive coverage solution that can be rapidly installed and commissioned. 




Greater Levels of Resilience & Robustness 

As the powerful MTS1 supports the full functionality of a TETRA base station, service is not dependent on wide area cells. High availability solutions can be readily enabled by simply connecting two MTS1 base stations to create a highly resilient two-carrier configuration. 

Congestion Management 

  • Controlled mobility between wide area cells and micro cells
  • Subscriber Class (Attract Users) and Valid Sites (Prevent Users) mechanisms already available

Additional Capacity 

  • Low enough RF power for in-building / near-building deployments enables re-use of frequencies
  • Micro cells can take the load off of wide area cell:
    • Mobility, Security and SDS
    • Telephony, Individual Call and Packet Data

Designed for Reliability and Low Maintenance 

  • Full network and alarm management of device
  • Automatic Interference Detection and Correction
  • Withstands wide ambient temperature form -40 to +55 Celsius
  • Traffic re-routed in the event of link failure
  • Required battery capacity and heat dissipation is low due to excellent power efficiency, and with a strong integrated battery charger, power supply costs are kept to an absolute minimum

Lower Total Cost of Ownership 

  • Support for IP-over-Ethernet transmission technologies
  • Includes native support for MPLS as well as traditional E1 connectivity
  • Existing IP backbone can be leveraged to significantly reduce operational costs
  • Direct AC power input eliminated the need for expensive rectifiers and simplifies installation and deployment
  • Top of tower mounting capability requires shorter cables and reduces power costs

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Small and easy deployable TETRA base station


Tough and extremely reliable TETRA base station


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