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IPmux®-1E provides legacy services over packet networks. The device converts the data stream from its user E1/T1, analog telephone or ISDN ports into packets for transmission over the network. The frame format of these packets is IP or Ethernet. These packets are transmitted via the IPmux-1E Ethernet network port to the PSN. A remote pseudowire device converts the packets back to the original user traffic format.

A powerful internal Layer-2 Ethernet switch provides a user Ethernet port with rate limiting and port-based VLAN tagging capabilities. The device supports standard IP features, such as ICMP (ping), ARP next hop and default gateway.




VLAN tagging and priority labeling are supported according to 802.1p&Q. pseudowire frames are assigned (tagged) a dedicated VLAN ID.
VLAN membership allows:

  • Management traffic to be run over a dedicated VLAN
  • User data traffic to be filtered according to a set of up to 15 VLANs.

The user can configure the ToS or Diffserv of the outgoing pseudowire packets. This allows the packets to be given a higher priority by network switches and routers. Assigned, IANA-registered UDP socket
number for TDMoIP simplifies flow classification through switches and routers.

Rate limiting can be applied on the Ethernet user port to control the maximum rate of the traffic transmitted towards the packet-switched network.




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