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IPmux-4LGE is a TDM pseudowire access gateway extending TDM-based services over packet switched networks.




The units provide a legacy over PSN solution for transmitting E1 streams over packet switched networks (PSNs). The device converts the data stream from its user E1 ports into packets for transmission over the network. The addressing scheme of these packets is IP or MPLS.

These packets are transmitted via the IPmux-4LGE Ethernet network ports to the PSN. A remote pseudowire devices convert the packets back to TDM traffic. The unit supports various legacy over packet transport types, including TDMoIP, CESoPSN, SAToP and HDLCoPSN.

High-performance ASIC-based buffering and forwarding techniques achieve minimal end-to-end processing delay. Configurable packet size balances PSN throughput and delay while a jitter buffer compensates for packet delay variation (jitter) of up to 200 msec in the network. An assigned IANA-registered UDP port number for pseudowire simplifies flow classification through switches and routers.


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