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DAN Communications Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

The year 2021 is special for “DAN Communications”: we celebrate our 25th anniversary.  This time motivates us to reflect on our achievements and challenges, as well as to start forging new plans for the future. 

Currently “DAN Communications” headquartered in Latvia, with additional offices in Lithuania and Estonia, employs over 25 employees, and holds a multi-million euros turnover per year.  Successfully implemented innovative and large-scale projects have immensely facilitated the expansion of our professional experience and knowledge base. Moreover, continuous investments into new engineering and technical solutions and production technologies have enabled “DAN Communications” to develop, produce, deliver and install complex devices and equipment of different sizes – starting with radio communication devices and ending with intricate cybersecurity solutions.

It all started 25 years ago, on May 15th, 1996, when Alexander Rutman brought his professional vision to life, by recruiting highly qualified specialists and experts, and founding “DAN Communications”. Initially, the company launched its activity by implementing broadband network projects. Following market demand, both the extent of offered products and services increased and the engineering and technical competences expanded. Thus, the initial forecast came true and the company set an example of economic growth which enabled the expansion to the markets of Lithuania and Estonia.  Due to its resolution to provide customers with the best quality products and services, “DAN Communications” gained a reputation among its clients and partners as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the field of communications, radio technologies, IT solutions and cybersecurity services.

During the 25 years of its activity, “DAN Communications” had to face different challenges –rapid growth of the local market, financial crisis that followed it, an ever-changing work environment and the loss of its founder. Everything we managed to overcome was the result of uninterrupted resilience, outstanding teamwork and most importantly the support of our loyal customers and partners. Every new challenge has given us the opportunity to learn, to grow, to become more united and – most importantly – more professional, with a solid understanding of our goals and a clear vision of the future. 

We look hopeful to the future, determined to uphold our further successful development and growth as a system integrator company, by implementing complex technological projects with fairness, transparency and professionalism.

Thank you to both past and present employees of “DAN Communications” for shaping these first 25 years together!

Thank you to all our customers and partners for your trust, loyalty and continuous cooperation!

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