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Key features:

Intuitive User Experience

  • Connect and control third party H.323 and SIP endpoints and cameras
  • Share content between H.323, SIP and Vidyo endpoints
  • Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR), participant join/leave and recording indicators

Flexible Deployment

  • Provides packet-loss error resiliency over the Internet through VidyoRouter™ – no external QoS required when co-located with third party endpoints
  • Clustering and high availability deployment options enhance capacity and resiliency
  • Connects to both MCUs and endpoints with automatic rate and resolution matching

Ease of Management

  • Simplify administration, configuration and maintenance with web-based interface
  • Centrally create reusable profiles to simplify call configuration and setup
  • Leverage built-in security management: SSL certificates, private key management, NAT and firewall traversal, and HTTPS all FIPS 140-2 compliant

VidyoGateway Virtual Edition (VE)

  • Same performance and capacity as the VidyoGateway XL appliance
  • Easy to deploy, manage, and scale
  • Automatically sizes capacity to allocated VM resources



VidyoGateway benefits:

  • VidyoGateway connects legacy AVC (H.323/SIP) to Vidyo's architecture.
  • The VidyoGateway appliance connects to legacy videoconferencing endpoints and MCUs such as Polycom and Tandberg, and enables them to interoperate with Vidyo’s breakthrough architecture. The VidyoGateway supports both H.264 and H.263 video conferencing using SIP and H.323 signaling as well as H.239 for data sharing.
  • Network traffic localization
  • Error resiliency 




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Ultra HD Performance for People and Content