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  • Pre-defined and customized charts help monitor and maintain identify attack patterns, acceptable use policies, and demonstrate policy compliance
  • Network capacity and utilization data reporting allow you to plan and manage networks more efficiently
  • Scalable architecture allows the FortiAnalyzer to run in collector or analyzer modes for optimized log processing
  • Advanced features such as event correlation, forensic analysis, and vulnerability assessment provide essential tools for in-depth protection of complex networks
  • Secure data aggregation from multiple FortiGate® security appliances provides network-wide visibility and compliance
  • Fully integrated with FortiManager™ appliances for a single point of command, control, analysis, and reporting
  • Notify key personnel when specific events or triggers occur by creating granular alert rules
  • Reconcile various log types (such as traffic, web filter and attack) to perform forensics with detailed logging capabilities
  • Create custom SQL datasets, charts and reports which can then be imported/exported to other administrative domains or FortiAnalyzers
  • Deploy with either a physical hardware appliance or virtual machine with multiple options to dynamically increase storage


Product Name GB/Day of Log Average Retention at 5 GB Logs/Day Maximum Log Rate (Standalone Mode) Devices/ADOMs/VDOMs Supported (Max) Total Storage Capacity
FortiAnalyzer-3900E Unrestricted

3.5 years

75.000 4.000 15 TB


Unrestricted 6 years 60.000 2.000 24 TB (Max 48 TB)


800 4 years 50.000 4.000 16 TB


75 3 years 5.000 2.000 2 TB (Max 6 TB)


25 2 years 1.000 2.000 8 TB


15 1 year 625 175 4 TB


5 3 months 350 150 1 TB



Comprehensive Visualization of Your Network

FortiAnalyzer platforms integrate network logging, analytics, and reporting into a single system, delivering increased knowledge of security events throughout your network. The FortiAnalyzer family minimizes the effort required to monitor and maintain acceptable use policies, as well as identify attack patterns to help you fine tune your policies. Organizations of any size will benefit from centralized security event logging, forensic research, reporting, content archiving, data mining and malicious file quarantining.

You can deploy FortiAnalyzer physical or virtual appliances to collect, correlate, and analyze geographically and chronologically diverse security data. Aggregate alerts and log information from Fortinet appliances and third-party devices in a single location, providing a simplified, consolidated view of your security posture. In addition, FortiAnalyzer platforms provide detailed data capture for forensic purposes to comply with policies regarding privacy and disclosure of information security breaches.


Key Features and Benefits

Graphical Summary Reports Provides network-wide reporting of events, activities and trends occurring on FortiGate® and third-party devices
Network Event Correlation  Allows IT administrators to quickly identify and react to network security threats across the network
Scalable Performance and Capacity FortiAnalyzer family models support thousands of FortiGate and FortiClient™ agents, and can dynamically scale storage based on retention/compliance requirements
Centralized Logging of Multiple Record Types Including traffic activity, system events, viruses, attacks, web filtering events, and email filtering
Seamless Integration with the Fortinet Product Portfolio Tight integration allows FortiAnalyzer resources to be managed from FortiGate or FortiManager™ user interfaces
Choice of Standalone, Collector or Analyzer mode Can be deployed as an individual unit or optimized for a specific operation (such as Store & Forward or Analytics)
Virtual and Physical Appliance Form Factors Available for VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and in multiple hardware appliance form factors. Virtual appliances support deployment in centralized storage as enabled by the virtualization or cloud environment (SAN, NAS, etc…)


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